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Justin Bieber in ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Hat and Glasses



Justin Bieber's taking a page straight out of "Where's Waldo?" ... with his own take on the elusive character, but he still stands out a helluva lot more than Waldo.

Paps got Bieber in Barcelona Monday making a pit stop at a gas station and swooping up some munchies for the road. His outfit was ... inspired?


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What happened at Hamilton

‘Hamilton’ Had Some Unscripted Lines for Pence. Trump Wasn’t Happy.

From The New York Times (

On Friday night, November 18, 2016, Mike Pence attended the Broadway musical in New York. After the performance, the actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered a message to the vice president-elect.

“Hamilton,” the hit Broadway musical about colonial rebels shaping the future of an unformed country, took an even more political turn at the end of its performance on Friday night.

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